British Naive Expressionist

Roseanne is a Naive Expressionist artist who is now working towards a retrospective exhibition in May 2016 at Ashley Wood Barn, Tisbury. Her talent lies in being idiosyncratic, colourful and full of joy.

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Roseanne's love of Art started whilst studying 'Cours de Civilisation Francaise' at The Sorbonne in Paris and was later rekindled leading to being exhibited at The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. Her work currently centres around People, The Sea, Animals, Crowd Scenes and Abstracts. Some of her recent work can be seen on the Gallery Page.

The past 20 years have been very exciting for her in The Art World, she has exhibited a life size self portrait at The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, she has had three successful solo exhibitions, is a member of Association of British Naive Artists and has exhibited as part of Dorset Art Weeks, Christies 'Art for Life' 2006-07 amongst other things. You will find her biography in 'Who's Who in Art'.

Retrospective Exhibition - Saturday 28th May 2016 - Ashley Wood Barn, Tisbury

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